Solving Interesting Problems and Learning to Lead 

I am currently in Stevens Point at the American Suzuki Institute and while driving around Wisconsin this week I heard a great podcast episode with Seth Godin. 

In it he talked about the fact that what kids need to learn, in order to be successful in our new economy, is not compliance but rather to learn how to lead and how to solve interesting problems. 

As I was listening to the episode,  it made me think of what I am learning this week in my practicum course. 

On the first day, everyone in the class started off by sharing with one another “why” we teach.

 I think for everyone in the class the “why” was some version of: teaching so that we impact the lives of our students and are part of the process of watching them grow and develop as people in addition to develop their instrumental skills. 

I couldn’t help but think that part of what makes our jobs as Suzuki teachers (and Suzuki parents) so interesting and exciting is that we are engaged in this very type of innovate thinking about children that Seth Godin talks about. 

We are asking our children and students to solve interesting problems musically and on their instruments in ways that give them unique problem solving skills. 

We are teaching them to lead – in group classes, in the studio, at home with siblings, and in ensembles. 

Music study has a unique way of helping develop successful students who are also leaders. 

What the world needs are people who can think and people who can lead.

 How lucky we all are to be able to work on developing this in our students and children every single day through music. 

It is exciting work!

(Listen to the podcast I heard here)

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