Best Suzuki Triangle Resources of 2017

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to start a new series on the blog this month about different ages and stages and how they affect practice, communication with students and children, and how to help music students thrive at each of these developmental stages (preschool – high school).

Before launching into the new year I wanted to highlight the top resources of 2017 from the Suzuki Triangle Blog in cased you missed any:

Free Resources:

Ebook: What You Practice Today is Not Important: But Who You Become Along The Way Is

This is a quick, motivational read that explores the biggest stumbling block to families continuing with lessons long term and how to set and meet long term practice goals with your child in practice. This is a great read for teachers & families alike and you can have it sent to your email by clicking HERE

5 Day FREE Email Course on Working Productively with our Children in Practice

Join hundreds of parents & teachers in taking this short email course that helps you identify the needs of your unique child, your own goals for learning music and how the two can work together to help your child thrive in learning a musical instrument. I have heard back from many, many parents how helpful this course has been to them, sign up today to go through it yourself >> Course Sign Up Page

Ebook of 5 Day Email Course 

By popular demand, I created an Ebook of the 5 day email course so that it would be easier to go back and refer to the information in the course. People who sign up to take the course now get the ebook at the end, but if you already took the course and want the ebook click HERE 

Practice Rules

Practice Rules

This was a fun project! Blog readers in the Suzuki Triangle Community shared practice rules from their house and we put together a fun, frame-able graphic that you can have sent to your email. Click here to download

You can also support the blog by purchasing some fun products with the practice rules printed on them from CafePress – 10% of sales come back to the blog. You can find practice notebooks, posters, and other products HERE.


Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families

This book is full of useful ideas from my own experience as a Suzuki student, parent & teacher as well as current research, expert interviews, and parents like you.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Practical tips to make lessons & practice sessions work for your family
  • How to have a great family experience with music lessons
  • How to set up a practice environment that helps your child succeed
  • The tools you need to overcome roadblocks to practicing
  • How to work effectively with your child in practice sessions at home
  • How to get your child set up and off to a great start from the first lesson
  • What expert teachers have learned about what helps families thrive
  • And much more . . .

Beyond the Music Lesson is available in paperback and Kindle versions. Grab your copy today and start making the most of every music lesson!

Beyond the Music Lesson Book Cover

Buy it on Amazon,

Book Depository (for free international shipping), 

or get a signed copy sent to you direct from Christine (U.S. only right now) by clicking here. 


I hope you have a wonderful start to 2018 & that some of these resources are helpful to you as you teach and/or practice in the new year!


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