Rules for the Practice Room

Practice is a daily activity for musicians and music students everywhere.

Practice Rules

What spoken and unspoken rules for practice do you have in place to make sure it goes smoothly at your house?

Thanks to readers in the Suzuki Triangle Community for sharing your ideas and helping this list take shape! See which rule didn’t make the cut at the end of the list!

  1. Use the bathroom before you start!

  2. Trim your nails.

  3. Make something easier.

  4. Try your best.

  5. Have a daily plan and goal.

  6. Celebrate the positive!

  7. Problem Solve.

  8. Be consistent.

  9. Be Creative.

  10. Build good habits.

  11. Review

  12. Be Mindful.

  13. Be Focused.

  14. Make it fun!

  15. Pay attention to the details.

  16. Listen!

  17. Learn from your mistakes.

  18. Avoid the words “I can’t”.

  19. Getting the instrument out is the hardest part.

  20. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

  21. Have a routine or schedule to practice.

  22. Practice like you have an audience.

  23. Just get started!

  24. Limit Distractions.

  25. Only Repeat the notes you love!


One rule I planned to include as a funny aside was “Wear Pants” or “Get Dressed First” but there was lots of feedback in our discussion on the Suzuki Triangle Facebook page that did not agree with that advice. Students are in fact practicing in all sorts of stages of being dressed – whatever works! That rule did not make the cut . . . what practice rules do you have in your house? What rules do you think should not be on this list?

You can download a printable version of the Practice Rules graphic by filling out the form below:

Practice Rules in the Studio

Tip: I made sure my printer settings were set to print a 8×10 version and was able to frame it and put it in my studio. You could also make it smaller if your printer allows. It would make a great gift to frame give music teachers & students alike. You can see above on the mantle in my studio.

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