Why Parents Must Practice with the Big Picture in Mind


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An excerpt from What You Practice Today is Not Important: but who you become along the way is!

Practicing can feel like it’s all about the little details.

It can feel like it’s about perfection and doing everything right.

Sometimes practice feels like a list you can never accomplish.

It feels like there’s not enough time to do all of our assignments from our teacher each week. It can be a challenge to get everything done.

But it’s not really about all that–it’s not about what your child does today that is most important. It’s not about doing all the tasks perfectly, all of the time.

Practice INVOLVES a lot of little details and trying to get things right for your next lesson.

But practice is not ABOUT all of that.

It’s about who we are raising children to be.

It’s about who your child becomes in the process of practicing.

It’s about who we as parents become because we have learned to work with, and respect, who our children really are and how they learn best.

It’s about learning how to achieve goals and also about being patient with ourselves as we give our best to something new.

It’s about encountering obstacles and huge dreams and knowing (because we’ve learned how to do this through music) that we are capable of meeting the challenge if we break things into small pieces and work on them one at a time.

How do we keep this big picture perspective in mind during the daily practice sessions?

How do we keep it in mind during the busy seasons of life when we seem to be holding on for dear life until our schedules slow down enough to take a deep breath?

We need to remind ourselves of our destination.

We need a Daily Pre-Practice Process that helps us focus on the big picture before each practice session.

We need to keep reminding ourselves why we are learning music in the first place.

How do we keep the big picture in mind? How do we structure daily practice in a way that reminds us of these important goals?

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